CFB IT Solutions

Hosted Solutions

Offsite Encrypted Backups – Offsite encrypted backups can be provided to UK hosted datacentres to give you the peace of mind that all your important company data is backed up and secure in an offsite location. This is performed using industry leading 256 AES encryption. This solution is 100% GDPR compliant.

Hosted Exchange Email – Hosted exchange email can be offered to enable companies email to be hosted in a secure cloud environment. CFB have over 20 exchange servers hosted in 3 UK datacentres. A complete package is offered to include hourly backups of your emails, unlimited mailbox sizes, archiving, spam filtering, all for a fixed monthly price.

Hosted Customised Servers – Hosted windows servers can be provided and customised to your companies requirements. The cloud model is fast becoming the chosen route for many businesses. At CFB we can offer whatever server solution you require hosted in our UK datacentres. These can be offered with no upfront outlay on hardware or software but for a simple recurring monthly fee.

Disaster Recovery – Disaster recovery is now becoming something that many companies need to have in place. At CFB we can offer industry leading cloud backups of virtual servers that in the event of a disaster enable local virtual servers and systems to be up and running from one of our cloud datacentres within the same day. By using modern backup systems, virtual servers and cutting edge technology a customised disaster recovery plan can be implemented for your business.